Registration for Stanford Medicine X | CHANGE ’21 Retreat @ Tahoe

September 12-14, 2021

An event dedicated to helping our community thrive and achieve fulfilling lives.

The purpose of the Medicine X | Retreat is to reconnect, recharge, and re-inspire your thinking towards patient-centered healthcare innovation. In small groups you will learn, work, and engage together with patients, clinicians and implementers of healthcare to see more clearly how you will change healthcare for yourself and others in 2021 and beyond.

Be ready to use what you learn at Medicine X to create a shared vision of collaborative health care change and participatory medicine of tomorrow.

Learn more about the event here:

First, select the appropriate rate based on your eligibility.

If you are a speaker: you must use the email you used to register with your discounted rate. General Admission rates are reduced by $100 until July 31, 2021 to support those who wish to make Medicine X CHANGE ’21 Retreat @ Tahoe part of their fall plans.

Eligibility: General admission rates are open to the general public. Anyone may purchase a general admission registration to Medicine X.

You may select from any of the rates below. Because demand to attend our programs is so high, we have established a time-based ticketing system that rewards delegates who buy their tickets early.

CHANGE Retreat @ Tahoe
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