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Bus transportation is available to and from the conference venue from the conference hotels (Sheraton or Westin Palo Alto). Bus transfer tickets can only be purchased online. Buses will run 90 minutes before and after the conference.

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Masterclass Add-On | Mona Siddiqui, MD

Using data to drive organizational change [Masterclass]
(There is no additional cost, but enrollment is limited by instructor selection)

Mona Siddiqui, MD
 | Chief Data Officer, Health and Human Services

As Chief Data Officer at the US Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Mona Siddiqui has led a mission to use data to drive organizational change throughout the diverse organizations that compose HHS. How can changemakers identify data decision makers need to unlock organizational change? What strategies can be developed to overcome roadblocks to access and data sharing between parts of an organization that are necessary to promote collaboration and cross-functional teamwork? How can any organization, big or small, benefit from strategic thinking about their own organizational data, data use policies, and how data can be leveraged as a powerful driver of organizational change? These are just some of the topics and questions that Dr. Siddiqui will explore in her Stanford Medicine X Masterclass.

(Please note this is an application to attend the class. Confirmations will be sent in September 2019). If interested in attending please tell us below what you hope to achieve by attending.


STUDENT: Please note that academic registrations are required to provide a valid university ID card showing current enrollment status in a 4-year degree granting program at an institution of higher learning (university or medical school). If you register for the conference and cannot provide valid identification, your registration may not be honored. Please note the refund policies published on our website.

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